Royal Enfield Electric bike – Any truth in this?

Electric Royal Enfield bike

Royal Enfield has been stirring up India’s motorcycling segment quite a bit recently. The have brought out some interesting offerings, starting with the continental GT, then the Himalayan and now, even two middleweight flagships in the form for Continental 650 and Interceptor 650. If you thought that was all from this once conservative manufacturer, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Royal Enfield is heard to be working on an all-new Electric platform to usher the next motoring decade. This won’t, hopefully, be like the shoddily done electric Classic 500 which we saw in Thailand last week. The bike will have a new platform, design and most likely stick to the company’s cruiser/tourer philosophy.

An electric Royal Enfield should be seen in the same lines of the Harley Davidson Livewire. Both companies would made fun of the very idea a couple of years back but are now actively jumping on the bandwagon. This, you should realize, is before many manufacturers who are generally perceived as experimental.

Royal Enfield Electric bike – What we know so far

Not much actually! Infact, this is but a credible rumour floating around in the automotive circuit. Royal Enfield, as a manufacturer, is looking to move forward in their global standings and these kinds of innovations add a lot to the cause. This is also one of the reasons why bikes such as their 650 twins have found first markets abroad (in countries like Australia and England).

RE Thunderbird 350X

Royal Enfield Electric bike – What kind of bike will it be?

Royal Enfield Electric bike Livewire

If RE has any plans to launch the bike in India, they are more likely to base their concern on range rather than power. Their bikes are not known for returning heavily on either one of these factors though.

Just think about a RE with no power, no mileage and no good exhaust note- how disastrous would that be!

It could be something for the entry level space

That’s all we have. Some of our readers who mumble about how Cast Iron engines where better, probably have had a heart attack by now! We though, believe that this is innovation for the better and want to see such a bike in the near future!

*pictures of the Harley Davidson Livewire for lack of any other

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