Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic sold out in 3 minutes! Details

New Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500

New Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500

The much-awaited Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500 went on sale today and to no one’s surprise, there was an outstanding reception waiting for it. This is the manufacture’s second stint with ‘limited edition’ flash sales and like the earlier one, the motorcycles sold out fast- really fast, like in 178 seconds!

Only 250 of the 1000 available units are slotted for India and that too exclusively in ‘Service Brown colour’. The second, and arguably more popular, ‘Olive Drab Green’ colour is not available here because of government regulation in using military green.  It will however go to other markets like Britain and Australia.

Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500- Why it’s special!

Apart from the obvious military influences, the Pegasus is special because it brings back something from Royal Enfield’s rich history- the RE/WD 125. Used extensively during World War II, the motorcycle was nicknamed ‘flying flea’ because of its lightweight architecture and agility. While the new versions are far from these two attributes, the spirit of the Flea is reflected via identical colours schemes and badging dotted through out.

Bullet Pegasus Classic 500 brown

Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500 Military green

What different from the standard model?

For starters, military-style canvas panniers come as standard and they get maroon ‘Pegasus’ logo on them. This logo is also present on the fuel tank, along with a unique serial number. Handlebar grips are brown in colour and leather strap with buckle on the air filter box enhance the aesthetics. Matte black colour is employed on almost everywhere that’s not green or brown.

The Pegasus comes with complementary Pegasus edition helmet and T-shirt

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Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500 specs and price

Engine is the same air-cooled 499 cc, single-cylinder (Fi) that’s on the standard variant. It is capable of producing 27.2 bhp at 5,250 rpm and 41.3 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Disc brakes are employed at the front and back while telescopic front forks and twin gas-charged rear shock absorbers take care of suspension duties.

Price: NR 2.49 lakh (on the road, Mumbai)

Royal Enfield Pegasus Classic 500 Oliver dab green

RE Classic 500 Pegasus rider

Royal Enfield Pegasus service brown colour

Stay tuned for more update!

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