Be Very Scared! This Prius just send a Brabus G500 for a roll [Video]

Electric car crash

Guess what happens when a Prius hits a Brabus-tweaked Mercedes G500? We thought so too, untlil this happened.

Remember those cliché movie scenes where the puny nerd punches the big bully and knocks him out? Well, that’s almost how this accidental altercation between a Toyota Prius and Mercedes G500 (Brabus) ended.

Eye witnesses say that the speeding G500 jumped a signal before it was T-boned by an unassuming Prius coming from the other intersection. The Brabus was then send rolling, mostly because of its speed and the fact that it was t-boned, but still an impressive feat by the Prius. Fotunately, nobody was seriously hurt. We can’t say the same about the Brabus driver’s pride though.

This Mercedes G500 Brabus belongs to a famous bar in London and was used to shuttle restaurant goers around town.

Prius crash with G wagon

Prius G500 crash

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