Suzuki Crosshiker concept showcased in Brazil !

Suzuki Crosshiker



After the Tokyo Motor Show 2013,Suzuki has once again exhibited their mini SUV  concept , The  Suzuki Crosshiker at the International Motor Show 2014 at Sao Paulo,Brazil.The company gives the tag “the vehicle for the adults who have a playful mind” to this crossover and this is quite clear from the gaming mode appearance provided for the car on its interior as well as the exterior.Suzuki Crosshiker is based on their other concept the Suzuki Regina, which was showcased by the company at Tokyo Motor Show 2011.The company says that the Crosshiker is built on a next generation lightweight platform and the vehicle weighs only810 Kgs.Because of the low weight it has sleek and flawless design.

Suzuki Crosshiker is powered with a 996cc three cylinder petrol engine with a CVT transmission system.Now about the dimensions,crosshiker is 3650mm long, 1695mm wide and 1540mm high which seems compact for a mini SUV and will be competitor for Nissan Juke ,Ford Ecosport,Skoda yeti etc.The main distinguishing feature of the crosshiker is its 3 door ultra sleek- flowing design,twin exhaust and the large alloys with muscular wheel arcs.The company says that the Crosshiker will keep a  good balance between its environmental and driving performance.

The interior design is quite playful and next-gen and looks like a gaming world ,with its half cut steering,wide muscular meter console,sporty black and red combination sculpted seats and advanced voice control system.However the road visibility , stability and performance of the vehicle all are yet to be known. The Suzuki   Crosshiker still has a long way to go before it reaches anything close to being production ready . However more Maruti SUV’s will be reaching India soon which can be read below :


Suzuki Crosshiker – interior concept
Suzuki Crosshiker-front
Suzuki Crosshiker-rear


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