209hp Suzuki GSX1000R ‘Ryuyo’ costs €29,990

Suzuki Moto Italia has revealed an all new take on the current-gen GSX1000R and it’s a looker! Titled ‘Ryuyo’ after the Ryuyo R&D center where Suzuki test their new motorcycles, this blue and black speed-machine will go on to reach the hands of 20 select customers. Its exclusivity does command a price and the GSX1000R ‘Ryuyo’ has a €29,990 tag on it!

Suzuki GSX1000R Ryuyo for EICMA

Suzuki GSX1000R ‘Ryuyo’ – power and specs

When compared to the 200hp base variant, the Ryuyo has been tuned up a bit and produces close to 209 hp. It weighs just 370 lbs (dry), courtesy of use of lightweight materials including carbon-fiber. Improving upon the power, weight and ride dynamics are a slew of other upgrades from Yoshimura, Öhlin, Dunlop, Brembo, K&N, Motul and more- all of which are decal-ed on the fairing.

New Suzuki GSX1000R Ryuyo rider

Official reveal: EICMA 2018 in November


Suzuki GSX1000R Ryuyo front

Suzuki GSX1000R Ryuyo 2019 Track

2019 Suzuki GSX 1000R Ryuyo


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