Tata Tamo C-Cube Concept details

C-Cube Tamo Tata

Barely weeks after Tata introduced their ‘Future mobility solution’- TAMO we’ve got a glimpse of what the brand offers for the general populous (and not just for those looking for an affordable sports car). The TAMO for TATA should encompass what the ‘I’ means for BMW, and we are hopeful that the Indian manufacturer will use all their technical expertise on it.

At the 2017 Future Decoded event organised by Microsoft, Tata has showcased their new C-Cube 3 door hatchback concept which could serve as an inspiration for a base model in the future. However, at the moment they are fully invested in bringing the TAMO Futuro sportscars at the upcoming Geneva motorshow.

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Tata Tamo C Cube design – interior and exterior

The Tamo C Cube concept seems to be an extreme evolution of their existing Tiago hatchback with a taller stance, more aggressive lines, while still retaining the Tata logo. Its front doesn’t seem to be quite finished yet but the sides are very beautiful, highlighted by the OZ racing wheels.

Update: We’ve now got a better look at this hatchback concept and truth be told, we are not as excited. The car looks unfinished at both interior and the exterior, and feels rushed. Though some features like its aggressive side character lines and smoked taillights stand out, others are not on par.

Its cabin looks a bit toyish, getting contrasting black-red colour scheme.

image- Motoroids

Tamo C-Cube

Tata Tamo C Cube engine, performance, hybrid

No details about the engine are available but it is expected to get the more powerful ones in Tata’s arsenal. They could also go with a proper hybrid or mild hybrid technologies to entice the European customers.

Tata Tamo C Cube launch date and price

No details on the launch date or price are available yet.

We expect the TAMO cars to be available in both India and Europe initially. A premium hatchback and a proper sportscar will do wonders for promoting the brand in Europe, not to mention increasing Tata’s reputation in their home country.

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