Tesla Maintenance Cost: How Much It Will Cost You

  • Dec 23, 2021
Tesla office park

With the fast-paced increase in technological advancements, the motor industry is gradually shifting from traditional combustion vehicles to automated electric vehicles. As a result, electric self-driving vehicles are the blueprint for the automotive industry, with Tesla being the most appealing brand to many motorists. But coupled with all the sophisticated technology, how much will it cost you to maintain a Tesla?

Although Tesla cars are expensive, their maintenance expenses are among the lowest in the automobile industry. Most common maintenance issues do not apply to their vehicles as they manufacture fully electric vehicles. As a result, you don’t have to worry about oil change and typical fuel prices.

Tesla office park
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Tesla Maintenance “As Required”

Unlike other vehicle brands, Tesla vehicles do not demand routine maintenance; instead, its website specifies a few components that should undergo replacement regularly. The following are some of the features that require regular maintenance;

  • Carbon air filter- Which should be replaced after every two to three years, depending on whether or not it is a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA).
  • Tire swapping- Tesla suggests changing tires after every service for air conditioning- According to Tesla, air conditioning and desiccant bags should undergo Service and replacement every two to six years, based on year and model.
  • Brake fluid analysis- the brake fluid should be examined and replenished every two years as per the requirements.
  • Winter care- The vehicle’s brake pistons should be cleaned and lubricated every year or 12,500 miles for motorists in icy-cold zones.

That’s it; owners don’t have to stick to a set routine. Furthermore, the Tesla app will follow up on the different deadlines of these components and notify the drivers when to schedule service.

Tesla’s General Maintenance

Since Tesla vehicles have fewer operating parts than the conventional combustion engine, drivers don’t have to be concerned about leaking fluids and worn out belts.

The following are the average Tesla servicing expenses based on customer reviews:

Maintenance ItemCost
Carbon air filter$60 to $200
Tire swapping$35 to $100
Brake fluid analysis$100 to $110
Full serviceOver $475
A/C service$50

Tesla Maintenance Package Expenses

Assuming you maintain the Tesla required maintenance program for the first five years, this is how the overall prices would look if you did everything at a Tesla maintenance facility and get billed the higher price for each of these components.

1Tire swapping$100
2Full service with AC$525
3Tire swapping$100
4Full service with brake flush$585
5Tire swapping$100

You’ll pay $1,410 in five years, dividing it five results to an average of $232 per annum spent on Tesla maintenance, which results in the low maintenance price of Teslas.

Tesla’s Maintenance Cost Compared to Other Brands

Compared to other brands, even ones that act as drift cars, BMW’S, Audis, Chevrolet and Porsche, Tesla maintenance and repair costs are much more affordable in the long run than these other vehicles.

Benefits of Owning a Tesla

Owning a Tesla vehicle comes with its unique perks unavailable in other brands. For instance, Tesla provides its drivers with the unique feature of playing video games when bored. Classic Arcade racing games such as Mario Kart and Beach Buggy Racing 2 are some of the games offered by the digital vehicle. However, always check your Tesla version availability before purchasing, as the chip shortage is still a production issue among major manufacturers globally.


It will cost you a lot less to maintain a Tesla vehicle than any vehicle brand because there is minimal movement in the operational parts. However, the car still needs modifications in its autopilot since it is not that great.