Tesla Model X, S prices reduced yet they add more standard features

Tesla Model S, Model X price drop

Before the launch of the Model X, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said that they plan to price it $5000 over the base Model S. However, things didn’t go according to plan and the Model X went on sale for $82,500, roughly $8000 over the base ‘S’ model’s $74,500. Now though, the manufacturer has gone back to their earlier promise and reduced the car’s prices to be within this figure. That’s not all; they have even added new features as standard.

The Tesla Model X 75D base model is now priced at $79,500, making it exactly $5000 costlier than the base Model S (75D). The Model S’s price sees no change in the base variant.

Car Price (Old) Price (New)
Model S 75D $74,500 $74,500
Model S P100D $140,000 $141,500
Model X 75D $82,500 $79,500
Model X P100D $145,000 $145,000

Model X, S upgarde package now standard

Coming to the top variants, potential buyers of both the models have enough reasons to be happy but there’s extra delight for those looking at the Model S. The $5000 worth of upgrade package in the outgoing P100D variants has been incorporated as standard equipment. Interestingly, Tesla has reduced prices of the Model S P100D by $1,500, making it exactly $5,000 cheaper than the similar-spec’d Model X.

The now standard, Premium Upgrade package includes features like:

  • Medical grade HEPA air filtration system (includes Bioweapon defence mode)
  • Activated carbon purification system to block offensive odour, nitrogen oxides and the like
  • Custom audio system
  • XM satellite radio capabilities when paired with Sunroof
  • Heated seats
  • Heated steering, wiper blade defroster and water nozzle heater

It’s not all great news though, and the price for the 6-seat option has been increased to $6,000.

Tesla price reduced to $5000

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