Surprise! : Tesla Model Y to be based on new platform. Details

2019 Tesla Model Y

2019 Tesla Model Y

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has revealed surprising details about the company’s next big car- The Model Y. It seems that the crossover will be built on a completely new platform that will usher the new breed of Tesla’s, possibly in 2020.

Why is this a surprise?

Tesla was always late to the Crossover/SUV segment. The launched the model S in a segment which has huge demand for SUVs (delaying the model X by almost 3 years) and now they are pushing back the model Y, when there is a good demand for crossovers at the price. They could have used the current platform on the ‘Y’ and launched a crossover by as early as 2018 but now its launch is only expected by 2019 or 2020.

We are not certain how dearly this delay will cost Tesla but in the end if it translates to a hugely better product, we would be happy.

Also, now Tesla’s model line-up reads ‘S 3 X Y’.

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Tesla Model Y price and release date

New Model Y
As we said, launch is only expected by tail end of this decade. Prices will be competition with Audi’s Q5 and BMW X6.

Release date 2019
Price in USA $48,000
Price in UK £40,000

Tesla has been mulling their launch in India for quite some time now and they should eventually debut with the Model 3. Its success will determine the prospects of the model Y.

Tesla coming to India

Tesla Model Y exterior

Being based on a new platform, the Model Y is expected to debut Tesla’s 2nd generation design language. Thus a redesigned front fascia, new rear and a different vehicle stance could be expected. Surprisingly, the Falcon wing doors will be seen on the Model Y as well.

Tesla Model Y Interior

Model Y interior
The manufacturer’s space saving electric drive system will ensure enough room inside the cabin. Interior is clutter free and the large portrait infotainment system is sure to be provided. Changes befitting the new platform should also be seen but as of now, we are in the dark as well.

Tesla Model Y motor, features

What powers the Model Y is not revealed yet but a 3 second (0-60mph) motor with 250+ miles range is expected on the top spec variant. Elon Musk said that Tesla wants to ditch the traditional 12-volt battery architecture to keep wiring (and weight) down but that would require a lot of convincing of suppliers or in-house development.

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