The Aston Martin Vulcan -Truly Out Of This World.

Aston Martin Vulcan front
Aston Martin Vulcan front
Aston Martin Vulcan


Aston Marin had recently reveled their one-77 based track-only hypercar- The Vulcan at the 2015 Geneva International motorshow . And ‘yes’ we all know the name , and ‘no’ the car isn’t named after any particular alien race. Although the pointed wing mirrors do make us think otherwise.

The name Vulcan ,according to the British manufacturer is derived from an aircraft  that once used Aston’s Gaydon headquarters when it was an RAF base.The craft was made exclusively of carbon fiber and other lightweight material, and it only seemed fitting for Aston’s latest extreme hypercar to be named after it. There is one other reason for the name , and that is the Vulcan’s ear shattering jet-fighter inspiring sound.

The shear fun and freedom of building a track based hypercar is not something that most major manufacturers are ready to slip by. It’s a time for the engineers to let loose and test out their most outrages ideas , and latest entrants such as the Ferrari FXX K and Mclaren P1 GTR are testimony to this fact. We here at Autopromag love the whole concept, Infact we want more of such on our roads, ahem.. tracks

So lets start with the most interesting part, The Aston Martin Vulcan is powered by a ‘dying breed’ of Naturally aspirated V12! that sends power to the rear wheels via a Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox. The 7 liter mill is capable of producing 800 bhp of power ,moving just 1350 kg of car. The engine itself is enough for us to dish out the £1.8 million ( Rs. 16,74,50,650) price tag it comes in ( Good thing we don’t have any).

Aston Martin Vulcan side

Aston Martin Vulcan spoiler rear wings

Envisioned by Aston Martin head designer Mr. Marek Reichman, the car is something for you to drool over and the occasional.. you know what. The ultra wide rear track based wings and the new aero package, makes us envy the 24 really lucky (rich) people who will get to own this hypercar.The front-mid placed engine is cooled down by the rather humungous pair of air vents on the hood. The face and the rear taillamps , share similarities with the Aston DB 10 concept and Gran Turismo DP-100, while certain design elements like the slash on the front wheel arches are completely new from the manufacturer.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is designed to meet full FIA specifications and comes with pushrod suspension with adjustable dampers, anti-roll bars, limited-slip differential, 380mm front and 360mm rear carbon ceramic disc brakes, 19in alloy wheels covered by 345/30 bespoke Michelin tyres and a variable traction control system.

Stripped down and made almost entirely of carbon fiber and Alcantara , the Vulcan loses a good 150kg over the One-77. The flat bottom steering wheel is now ‘rough’ semicircular in shape , being chopped off at the top. Digital display and titanium switchgear are provided.

The 24 owners of the hyper car will receive track training under Aston Martin’s Le Mans-winning racer Darren Turner.

Aston Martin Vulcan full pictures
Aston Martin Vulcan interiors and more


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