The Single Cylinder Kawasaki Ninja Sl( RR Mono) Introduced In Indonesia

kawasaki Ninja 250 single cylinder
The Kawasaki Ninja SL or Mono

Kawasaki has introduced a single cylinder version of its popular Kawasaki Ninja 250r at a private function in Indonesia . The new Ninja is developed especially for the emerging markets ,and is made keeping in mind many upcoming single cylinder motorcycles from domestic as well as International manufacturers. The new bike is lighter than the existing Ninja and comes with an all new trellis frame , which according to the Japanese Manufacturer offer similar ride dynamics as the smaller 150cc Ninja RR

The New Ninja Sl seems to have taken more styling cues from the ZX-6R instead of its 250 and 300cc  brothers , and has single headlight  similar to the ZX-6R. Though the bike is less powerful than the twin cylinder model’s , the lesser weight ensures that the power to weight ratio remains almost similar . 

Ninja single cylinder front
Ninja 250cc Sl

The Ninja Sl/mono is powered by a single cylinder , 4stroke , 249cc Liquid cooled engine producing maximum power of 27.6 bhp at 9700rpm and 22.6 Nm of Torque at 8200 rpm . There is almost 21 kg difference in weight between the twin cylinder and single cylinder Ninja 250.

The Ninja Sl is provided with telescopic forks at the front and monoshocks at the rear . ABS is provided as optional .

Though the exact date is not revealed , India is expected to get the Kawasaki Ninja Sl  by the time the other manufacturers roll out their new products .