The Yamaha R15-S (Revived R15 V1) To Launch In India!

Yamaha motorcycles India is planning to re-launch the much successful R15 V1 this festive season, with minor updates and similar cosmetics. The bike will be called R15-S and will be cheaper than the exiting R15 V2 by 3000-4000 INR. Both the bikes will be sold simultaneously, and will share many parts.

Yamaha R15-S India
Yamaha R15-S colours

The Yamaha R15 V1 was launched back in 2008 and became an instant hit with enthusiasts, due to its track inspired design that came at an affordable price. The bike got a major update in 2012- named YZF R15 V2, getting split seats, longer swingarm, wider rear tyre, a remapped ECU, LED tail light, making it even more inspired from Yamaha’s ‘R’ DNA. However even after the launch of the version 2, the version 1 enjoyed much fanfare due to the latter’s comfort and touring prowess. Yamaha must have realized this niche and hence desired to re-launch the product as the R15-S.

The Yamaha R15-S gets features more appropriate to the time like aluminium swingarm, larger rear disc brake, wider rear tyre, remapped ECU, closed fuel injection with o2 sensors and revised gearing for improved initial response. The R15-S also weighs lesser than the R15 V2. Cosmetically the front remains similar to the V2, however the rear has been provided with a long single seat, conventional tail lamps and grab rails (like the V1).

Yamaha R15-S fiat blue edition

yamaha r15 v2 india

The Yamaha R15-S definitely seems like a good contender in the segment but the only concern we have is of its price or rather that of the R15 V2. Since the price difference is marginal, Yamaha may increase the price of the latter over time. If the manufacturer intends to keeps the R15-S for the long run, we can be sure that the R15 V3 will be priced higher than the R15 v2 and will have lots of added features to match.

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