Is DC2’s hideous E Amby a marketing trick?

Who is designing cars for DC Designs or rather DC2 nowadays? what do they expect with a car like this? Do they think that this is the new Cybertruck or something? DC2’s rendition of an ‘Electric Ambassador’ utterly disappoints in every aspect. Even worse, they are calling it the ‘eAmby’- officially, in their Facebook handle […]

Yezdi and BSA brands coming soon!

Just weeks after reviving the much-loved ‘Jawa’ brand in India, Classic Legends Pvt ltd is already seeking new places to expand their portfolio. Brands like Yezdi and BSA, which they have rights to, are on obviously slotted in the immediate vicinity. Though they hinted at such a move, things seem to have been pushed forward […]

Jawa 300 Classic Roadster: Old Glory in new bottle

Mahindra Group is all set to launch new range of Jawa motorcycles in India on November 15, 2018. Their subsidiary- Classic Legends Pvt Ltd, will sell these motorcycles in India and select markets abroad, as either as Jawa or BSA- both well-known classic brands. Jawa 300 Classic Roadster: Engine and exhaust note Jawa had already […]

Paul McCartney’s 1965 Morris Mini S up for auction!

The iconic Harold Radford & Co customised 1965 Mini Cooper S DeVille– used by Paul McCartney himself, is going up for auction. Originally brought by Beatles manager Brian Epstein for each of the four members, all but one were Radford built. The last one, used by Ringo Starr, was upgraded by Hooper. What makes this […]