Suzuki GSX R150, GSX S150 details – Will it launch in India?

Suzuki GSX R150 and GSX S150 have been unveiled in Indonesia. They are the manufacturer’s much awaited answer to Yamaha R15, Honda CBR150R, Yamaha MT-15 and the likes in the market. The GSX R150 is the fully faired version and comes with noticeable GSX-R traits which are more in tune with the recently unveiled GSX-125R […]

Will the new Honda CBR150R launch in India?

  Let’s face it, the Honda CBR150r isn’t a very popular motorcycle in India (atleast in terms of sales). While its chief competition- Yamaha R15 has managed respectable sales along the years, the CBR’s numbers have been dipping significantly. Most recently it became the least selling motorcycle in India (in the volume market), barely managing […]

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