McLaren 720 S Spa 68 Collection | Images

McLaren has brought out a very limited-edition 720S to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of their first major win in Formula 1. It is officially called 720 S Spa 68 Collection and only three units will be available for public. Where? 1968 Belgian Grand Prix at at Spa-Francorchamps Who? Bruce McLaren The car: McLaren M7A racer […]

Milan Red | 2 million dollar Austrian Hypercar

Brain child of Austrian entrepreneur Markus Fux, Milan Red– Austria’s first hypercar is expected to go on sale in 2019. The car will have a limited production run of 99 units, and even though it is completely new and untested, 18 of them have already been booked. Here are more details: Price € 1.8 million […]

$2.5 million Pininfarina electric Hypercar teased!

Back in 2015, when Mahindra acquired Pininfarina for $185 million, we thought it was to boost their in-house design capabilities and save their ailing passenger car division. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong and this -$2.5 million hypercar– miscalculation is being rubbed in our face the past couple of days. Mahindra split Pininfarina in […]

Bugatti Chiron Sport is lighter, sharper and of course, FASTER!

Have you ever felt that the Bugatti Chiron is not fast enough? No, well the French do, and they have brought out an even better version as the Bugatti Chiron Sport. The Hyper car was revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor show and arguably, looks much better than the standard model (Disclaimer: I have a […]