Toyota Corolla GR (Auris GR) hot hatch coming soon

New 2019 Toyota Corolla Auris hatchback GR

Toyota introduced their sporty ‘GR’ range last year. Almost all their cars- from the Yaris to Prius, and even the minivans where brought in to this fold. However, one which that was noticed for its absence was the Corolla (or the Auris).  It is still a promising candidate for the ‘hot’ treatment though, and if recent reports from Australia are to be believed, will be revealed within the next three years.

The sporty GR (Gazoo Racing) trim is only available in Japan. It has a 3-tier variant system- GR-Sport, GR and GRMN. The ‘Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring (GRMN)’ is the top-end performance trim and is currently limited to the Yaris hatchback. However, it will be extended much anticipated Toyota Supra when the car finally comes out.

Realistic Toyota Supra render

Price $26,000
Release date 2019
Tuning Gazoo Racing
Power ~280 hp


New Corolla GR (Auris GR) – How will it look?

Toyota Corolla GR iM Hot hatch

If the other GR cars are anything to go by, the Corolla GR will have an aggressive design language. Depending on the variant, differnet front fascia, sporty side skirts, redesigned rear with diffuser and spoiler, and different set of alloy wheels will be provided. Also, the GRMN model will come with special red and black decals.

On the inside, sport seat with contrasting stitching, aluminium pedals and minimal 3-spoke steering wheel will be provided.

Spec-wise, the car get larger brakes, stiffer suspension and tweaked chassis.

What will power it?

The Corolla GR should produce more power than the Toyota Yaris GRMN’s 209hp (even though GRMN is sportier than the GR). This is because it belongs to a more premium segment, going up against cars like the 275bhp Ford Focus ST (2019).

Other cars in the segment include VW Golf GTI and Hyundai i30N.

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Price & Release date

Hot Corolla GR Hatchback blue

The Corolla iM GR should reach dealerships within the next three years. Sean Hanley, Toyota’s vice-president of sales and marketing said in an interview that:

“I’d like to see it as soon as possible, but in the next three years I wouldn’t rule out the possibility or probability of something coming under the Gazoo Racing brand.”

It will be priced on par with competition, possibly near the $26,000 mark.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

*pictures of the standard Toyota Corolla hatchback

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