Toyota Fortuner in India is more expensive than Land Cruiser in Japan

Toyota launched the new Fortuner GR-S in India recently. The new Toyota Fortuner GR-S is now the top-spec model in the SUV range priced at Rs 48.43 lakh (ex-showroom), which is Rs 3.8 lakh more than the Legender variant. The GR-S version comes with a bunch of interior & exterior cosmetic updates, along with a suspension tuned by Toyota’s GR (Gazoo Racing) division. Here are all the details from the launch. BHPian Turbanator recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Before GST, Fortuner’s ex-factory price for this trim (GR-S) comes around Rs 32 Lakh (50% GST) which is roughly 5,330,000 JPY or a little higher than what Toyota charges in Japan for Land Cruiser 300 (base trim). Toyota India is minting money, no two doubts about it and at this speed, they will recover all old losses they made on the Liva twins. Hopefully, this may convince Japan HQ to invest more here and we start seeing LC-Prado/ RAV4/ Highlander assembly operations. So, we should be thankful to all customers of Fortuner in my opinion if this actually happens. 🙂 Back in October 2021, On-road prices of the Toyota Fortuner crossed the Rs 50 lakh mark, which didn’t sit well with many people. Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:The kind of news where you can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. It is reliable and powerful. But it is cramped. It is bumpy. It is uncomfortable. And at these prices, pretty much a cruel joke. Its closest parallel is the Mahindra Scorpio, another car with a very similar set of attributes and an equally loyal fan following. I for one will not be spending my money on this one. They charge a premium as if every other car has the reliability of an 80s Ambassador.Here’s what BHPian JoshMachine had to say on the matter:It is absolutely one of the biggest rip-offs that we have witnessed in the recent past. But Toyota exactly knows where there is going, and it won’t stand down a chance! With Ford gone, and along with it the wonderful Endeavour, Toyota will now squeeze all while it can. That is unless some worthy 7-seater competitors start knocking on the doors of this virtually empty segment.Here’s what BHPian pk_del had to say on the matter:This is an absolute rip off. Where do we go for an upgrade now if we want to own a true rear-wheel-drive ladder on a frame 4×4 SUV (excluding Scorpio)? I see this as a golden chance for ISUZU to bring in their next-gen MU-X between 30-36L and capture the space left vacant by Ford. Isuzu has a good reputation for providing robust engines and being reliable mechanically. The new one has got good reviews in Australia. I hope Isuzu acts fast and doesn’t get greedy.Here’s what BHPian Dry Ice had to say on the matter:Toyota realised the Fortuner price is elastic much before the Govt of India realised the same thing about petrol/diesel. Net result = Both inching to the stratosphere disconnected from the actual bill of materials. The best part is neither of them is likely to pinch the “average” Fortuner buyer. So while non-owners keep cribbing here, it continues to sell in 1000s month after month. I doubt anything will change with this new variant.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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