Triumph, Bajaj partnership-250cc bikes, Avenger 750 & more

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Bajaj and Triumph have officially enterered a non-equity partnership for the mutual development of both the brands. Bajaj already has a hugely successful partnership with KTM in India and we expect something similar or even better from Triumph.

The partnership will help Bajaj to harness superior britsih motorcycling technology while Triumph will be looking at cost effective engineering. The latter currently has a CKD facility in Manesar, Haryana.

Triumph and Bajaj bikes from the partnership – What to expect

The new partnership will take a form similar to Bajaj-KTM and TVS-Bajaj. However, this one wiill develop motorcycles in the middleweight space instead of the entry-level. With this Bajaj can now push higher up the segments while Triumph can come lower down.

TVS Akula 310 – Spy images

Bajaj bikes

Bajaj is similar to Triumph in the sense that they cater to a wide range of motorcycling segments. So depending on the nuanses of their partnerships, the Indian manuacturures can maximum utilise its potential.

For all their talk, Bajaj still doesn’t have a direct Royal Enfield Competitior. The latter will soon come out with a middleweight (750cc) motorcycle and without direct competition, it will be hard to shave off their sale. Fortunately, Triumph has just the machine to show them the ways of the segment- the Bonneville. So, let’s just say a higher capacity Avenger might not be as unlikely as once thought.

There are other areas where Bajaj could capitalise, including their Adventure and Sports range.

Triumph bikes

For Triumph, it will be localisation and reduction of manufacturing costs that will be the selling point. They will be building bikes locally in India and then selling here as well as other markets. That said, their current range wil continue to be sold as is and it is only the newly developed ones that will soldthis way.

We are not yet certain what kind of bikes Triumph is planning but there is confirmation that it will belong to the middleweight segment. Talking in to account current popularity, a middleweight streetfighter or even a cruiser competing with the RE street 750/500 is possible.

Triumph in 2014 had shelved their plans to make small capacity (250cc) motorcycles eventhough they had showcased design sketeches and even production-ready test mules on the road.  These bikes could also make a comeback.


2014 Triumph 250cc Revealed India front
2014 Triumph 250cc Revealed India side colors
2014 Triumph 250cc Revealed India Rear