588cc Turbocharged Suzuki Recursion Concept Going In To Production?

suzuki recursion concept

The news coming in from Japan is that Suzuki will be reviving their “more from less” philosophy soon, by bringing out their 588cc turbocharger Recursion Concept.For those of you who may not know , The Recursion concept was first showcased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor show,and came with a 588cc turbocharged ,parallel-twin cylinder mill. The idea was to create the same power of a liter class motorcycle , with a half liter mill , and thus achieving lighter more efficient motorcycles , even availing government benefits provided for smaller capacity motorcycles( In some markets) .

With the advancement in use of superchargers and turbochargers by fellow Japanese manufactures like Kawasaki , The whole thought of such a bike from Suzuki isn’t a distant dream . However, This news is only a rumor going around in the automotive world.Further the source (Japanese Magazine – Young Machine) cannot not to be completely trusted either.

magazine about recursion concept

If the bike does go in to production, it will be completely redesigned.The front headlamps are however expected to continue.Suzuki had claimed that the Recursion concept was the most fuel efficient bike in the 600cc rage ( almost 50% more efficient), back when it was first revealed . So as the bike goes in to production , Fuel efficiency will be one of the prominent criterion.

The 588cc turbo mill is claimed to produce 100hp of maximum power ,at 8000 rpm. What comes as a surprise is the 100 Nm of torque it produces at a mere 4500 rpm. This is particularly interesting , as turbocharged engines are usually seen to be really sluggish at the low rev ranges.

Globally , Suzuki is facing what seems to be a really rough patch .They don’t seem to have what it takes to compete with rival manufacturers like Yamaha ,Kawasaki and Honda at the moment. May be a turbocharged bike such as the Recursion is just what they need to lift their spirits up.

turbocharged Suzuki Recursion

Recursion Concept

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