• Hummer electric ride

    GM Hummer Electric postponed! Releases new teaser video

    GM wont reveal their Hummer EV on May 20,2020 as previously planned. Unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19 is cited as the obvious reason. However, as of now, the release date has not been changed (though we don’t when that is). Hummer vs Cybertruck If you are someone eagerly waiting for the truck, here’s an overhead teaser released by GM:

  • Vintage cars to electric
    Electric Cars

    MW Motors Luka EV is vintage to the core!

    Czech Republic–based MW Motors has revealed their Luka Electric two-seat coupe. The car looks straight outta the 1950s and the bright ‘bumblebee’ color gives it a special charm! The MW Motors Luka EV comes in two variants- one with four in-wheel hub motors and an other with conventional single permanent magnet electric motor. The former can do  0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 9.6 second, reaching a top speed of 90 mph. The standard model has a 0-62 mph time of 9.8 seconds, and an 87-mph top speed. Range is 186 miles and 193 miles respectively (as claimed). Even though the Luka has a borrowed design, I kind of like it. However,…

  • blue truck Rivian

    Rivian-Lincoln Electric SUV cancelled

    Market situations prevailing as a result of COVID-19 have made Ford and Rivian cancel their plan of making a Luxury Electric Lincoln SUV. Vehicles sales have gone down all across the world and there is an even lesser case for premium EVs right now. Lincoln has confirmed that they will approach the EV market at their own pace, possibly making a different platform altogether. With over $500 million of Investment in Rivian, it’s not like Ford is done with the brand. They will still use the latter’s ‘Skateboard’ platform in multiple future projects

  • two ford explorer suv on the city roads
    Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

    2020 Ford Explorer ST & Hybrid | Price, Spec & More

    The 2020 Ford Explorer ST and the Hybrid are now available across dealerships. Here are some of their official engine specifications: Spec Base 2.3L EcoBoost ST 3.0L EcoBoost V6 (On the ST) 3.3L Hybrid Drive type RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Intelligent 4WD RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Engine type Turbo, Direct Injection Ti-VCT Turbo V6 NA V6 Transmission (all come with select shift option) 10-speed automatic 10-speed automatic 10-speed automatic Final drive ratio 3.58:1 3.31:1 3.58:1 Horsepower 300hp @ 5500 rpm 400 hp @ 5500 rpm 318 hp @ 6500 rpm Torque 310 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm 415 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm 322 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm…

  • Honda and GM Electric crossover partnership
    Honda Electric cars

    The Honda GM EV is a Honda made by GM!

    By now you must have heard that Honda and GM are working together to create two new EVs for release before 2025. We’ve got more details on the confirmed deal and here’s how it is penned: Basically, its two new Honda Electric Vehicles GM’s share in this mega-partnership will be their modular electric vehicle platform, Ultium battery technology, and manufacturing plants across North America. Additionally, GM’s OnStar safety and security services and hands-free advanced driver-assist technology will be made available in the two cars. However, everything else will be purely Honda. This means that the cars will have a Honda nameplate, with the exterior, interior, drive dynamics and almost every…

  • GMC Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck headlights
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    GMC Hummer EV or the Tesla Cybertruck – Our choice now

    Just when we thought that Telsa would have a massive lead in the Electric truck segment, GMC decided to put up a Superbowl AD, with LeBron introducing their, wait for it, Hummer EV! This is possibly the only EV that can match the CyberTruck’s hype and sure enough, that’s what happened. So what do I think about both these trucks? Will they co-exist or fight to death? First, Thoughts on the Hummer EV Everyone knows the Hummer! It is such an iconic name that at one point we were regretting how it was dusting away in GMC’s garage. However, to be fair to the manufacturer, no real market exist where…

  • red and black electric Audi SUVs
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    Audi E-tron Sportback looks better, has more range! – REPORT

    Let me get this straight, I am not a big fan of Audi’s E-Tron SUV. Neither did I really care about spy pictures of its coupe variant. To me, It felt like something Audi ‘had’ to bring and not something they wanted to. This is why their E-Tron Sportback was such a big surprise for me! There is something about Audi’s recent Sportsbacks that keep me raving. I was impressed with the 2019 A7 Sportback and that feeling has continued on to the E-Tron Sportback. This one just feels like a much better addition to the Market! Why is the E-Tron Sportback better? While SUV Coupes seemed a bad idea…

  • body frame of tesla model y and manual
    Electric Trucks, Crossovers and UVs,  Tesla Electric Vehicles

    What’s in the 2021 Tesla Model Y Manual? Cost, Range, Interior and more

    Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y electric crossover have begun in the United States well ahead of schedule. It is available in three long-range models- RWD, AWD, and Performance, with prices starting at $48,000. A standard sub-40k model will come out in spring 2021! As part of its release, Tesla has sent out 226-page owner manual with much of the expected information, and some changes from the Model 3. Given below are the major headlines in the manual. There’s no need to go into each and every detail, instead, I will quickly see through the pdf and highlight any information of interest. Overview Opening and closing Seating and Safety Driving…

  • damon electric superbike
    Damon Motorcycles

    Damon Hypersport Electric Motorcycle: Price, Specs, Range and More

    Damon Motorcycles, a Vancouver, Canada-based electric motorcycle company, working with the aim of destructive innovations in the two-wheeler space has just brought out their first product- The Hypersport. True to their ambitions, the Hypersport HS and its top-of-the-line Premier model boast of many superior features and technology, which even some bigwigs in Japan are keen on adding to the product line. Recent reports claim that some of the brand’s signature innovations like its 200mph electric powertrain and advanced CoPilot system will be sourced to big Japanese manufacturers; to be part of a new breed of electric motorcycles coming out this decade. Let’s take a look at Damon’s Hypersport in detail:…

  • Honda Electric cars

    A different ‘Honda E’ car might come to USA!

    Honda has pretty much closed the doors for ‘Honda E’ hatchback in USA but for fans of their new electric car, there might still be hope. The manufacturer recently homologated the E’s all-electric platform for North America. This indicates that they are working on different electric car for the States, which is not much of a surprise. The continent is one of the largest consumers of electric vehicles and sales have almost doubled in the last year. Its not a segment that companies can neglect anymore.   But why not the ‘E’ hatch? Regardless of the huge hype surrounding their electric htachback, Honda is adamant that they will not sell…