2018 BMW Pickup truck price, specs, launch date, design

2018 BMW pickup truck
2018 BMW Pickup – Q5 based


BMW is seriously thinking of jumping on to the ‘Pickup’ bandwagon, ditching their traditional style of working. Their chief competitor Mercedes is already in the segment, but as the company’s Australian managing director Marc Werner says “it will be much harder for them to get in to it”.

The Pickup segment is very popular in countries like U.S, Australia and Canada, and such a big market is hard to simply ignore.

Here are more details of the car:

BMWG310GS details

2018 BMW Pickup truck Exterior and Interior design

BMW PIck up truck
2018 BMW Pickup – M3 based

We are not sure of the design direction that BMW will chose for their pickup. They had made M3 based pick up prototypes earlier but all of them failed to develop from there. The manufacturer could leverage their partnership with Toyota to build a Hilux based pick-up, but we feel this is unlikely.

What they will most probably do is build a modified platform of their crossovers, like the Q5.

The BMW Pickup will thus cater to a more luxurious category, for people who are looking for something different from the general lineup.

BMW new pickup model

The interior will be equally luxurious and should borrow design from their bigger SUVs or crossovers.

2018 BMW Pickup truck Engine

Last we heard, their M3 based pickup truck fitted with a 4.0-Litre V8 achieved 420 hp and 186 mph during a test run.

Further BMW could choose one among the Q5’s engines, the 3.0-liter inline-six turbodiesel producing 255 hp and a whopping 413 pound-feet of torque being a prime candidate.

2018 BMW Pickup truck price and launch date

BMW truck

While all of these are speculations at the moment, we expect BMW to bring out the pickup by 2018-2019. Price will be a bit premium but not over similar competition from Mercedes.

Starting price: $57,000

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