A different ‘Honda E’ car might come to USA!

Honda has pretty much closed the doors for ‘Honda E’ hatchback in USA but for fans of their new electric car, there might still be hope. The manufacturer recently homologated the E’s all-electric platform for North America. This indicates that they are working on different electric car for the States, which is not much of a surprise. The continent is one of the largest consumers of electric vehicles and sales have almost doubled in the last year. Its not a segment that companies can neglect anymore.


But why not the ‘E’ hatch?

Regardless of the huge hype surrounding their electric htachback, Honda is adamant that they will not sell the ‘E’ in USA. They say it was designed for a different set of countries and might find very few takers here. I have to agree on this one too, as its dimension and tall-boy stance is better suited for European markets. It might not sell outside a few big cities. Honda doesn’t need a niche like that and if they are going in, they will go all out.

Ideally, Honda would like to carve out a huge chunk of the Electric car segment for themselves. They already have a strong grasp of the conventional car space and would want their electric portfolio to run in the same veins. So, we might not be getting the E hatchback but we are surely ‘not’ getting nothing!

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What should we expect?

Remember the Sport EV concept that Honda showcased in 2017. Well not exactly the same thing but something similar. It will have a long hood, short rear, seating for two, and might remind you of the much-beloved Honda S2000. The Sports EV is itself  based on the S600, so there’s that.

The Honda E platform is flexible enough to accommodate various body types, so their portfolio can include a few other too. Hopefully, more details will come out as this decade comes to a close.

About the E platform

The Honda E has a rear-mounted electric motor that can deliver 150 PS and 300 Nm. The car is small and agile with very low centre of gravity, making it perfect for the city. They might have to upgrade the 35.5-kWh battery pack before coming to North America as it returns only 124 miles of range. Thankfully, charging is fast with 80% achieved in 30 minutes!

Honda electric car usa

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