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Audi has finally taken the wraps of their first fully-electric vehicle in USA- the E-Tron. The EV takes a leaf out of most other Audi SUVs in terms of design and thus emanates a familiar feel. However it does get a stacked 36 cell battery module (that supports fast charging) distinguishing it, among other things. Audi ETron USA

The SUV’s much publicized reveal was held in San Francisco, California and saw a number of reporters participating. Here, the Bavarian dwelled in to almost every technical aspect of the cars expect for perhaps the two most anticipated ones- power and range.

Starting Price $74,800
Release date Mid 2019
Top speed 124 mph
0-60mph 5.5 seconds
Maximum tow rating 4000 lb
Dimension 193×76.3×65.5 inch
Wheelbase 115.1 in
Cargo capacity 28.5 cubic feet

Audi E Tron US – Variants, price and release date

The new E-Tron is available in 3 variants- Premium Plus, Prestige and First Edition. They are priced at $74,800, $81,800 and $86,700 respectively, minus destination charge of $995.

Though booking has already started for $1000, the electric SUV will only begin to reach customers by mid-2019.

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Pininfarina’s new Tesla rival

Audi E Tron rear

Powertrain, Battery and Charging

The SUV’s electric All-Wheel Drive system makes use of two powerful asynchronous motors, one each at front and rear. Power comes from 36 cell battery capable of storing 95 kWh of energy (rating). Cooling is top-notch and makes use of a thermally conductive gel pressed beneath each cell module.

Coming to charging, the Audi E-Tron debuts an industry-first DC fast-charging which is available at select places across the States. By this method 80% of the charge can be attained in less than 30 minutes.

Charging of the Audi E-Tron is supported by ‘Electrifying America’, who are developing close to 500 fast-charging ports throughout 40 states and 17 metro areas. E-Tron customers will receive 1,000 kWh of charging at these sites over four years of ownership,

For domestic charging purpose a 9.6 kW AC capsule charger (Level 2, 240-volt/40 amps) is provided, which can make use of both the household 120V outlet as well as a fast-charging 240V one. So yes, it does support both AC and DC charging!

Audi E-Tron ride USA

Range and efficiency

A number of power-saving measures are adopted so as to make the car run as efficiently as possible. For starters, the E-Tron has an advanced engine-brake recuperation system that accounts for nearly 30% of its range. Thermal efficiency is attained by utilizing a heat pump that captures up to 3 kW of lost power- reducing the car’s electricity cunsumption in the process.

As I mentioned earlier, range is left to speculation at the moment but there were reports of an EPA rating of 250-miles. We feel that it might be something slightly lesser though!

New Audi E Tron Electric SUV

Sty tuned fore more!

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