GM Hummer Electric postponed! Releases new teaser video

GM wont reveal their Hummer EV on May 20,2020 as previously planned. Unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19 is cited as the obvious reason. However, as of now, the release date has not been changed (though we don’t when that is). Hummer vs Cybertruck If you are someone eagerly waiting for the truck, here’s an overhead teaser […]

MW Motors Luka EV is vintage to the core!

Czech Republic–based MW Motors has revealed their Luka Electric two-seat coupe. The car looks straight outta the 1950s and the bright ‘bumblebee’ color gives it a special charm! The MW Motors Luka EV comes in two variants- one with four in-wheel hub motors and an other with conventional single permanent magnet electric motor. The former […]

Rivian-Lincoln Electric SUV cancelled

Market situations prevailing as a result of COVID-19 have made Ford and Rivian cancel their plan of making a Luxury Electric Lincoln SUV. Vehicles sales have gone down all across the world and there is an even lesser case for premium EVs right now. Lincoln has confirmed that they will approach the EV market at […]

2020 Ford Explorer ST & Hybrid | Price, Spec & More

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST and the Hybrid are now available across dealerships. Here are some of their official engine specifications: Spec Base 2.3L EcoBoost ST 3.0L EcoBoost V6 (On the ST) 3.3L Hybrid Drive type RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Intelligent 4WD RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Engine type Turbo, Direct Injection […]

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