Damon Hypersport Electric Motorcycle: Price, Specs, Range and More

damon electric superbike

Damon Motorcycles, a Vancouver, Canada-based electric motorcycle company, working with the aim of destructive innovations in the two-wheeler space has just brought out their first product- The Hypersport. True to their ambitions, the Hypersport HS and its top-of-the-line Premier model boast of many superior features and technology, which even some bigwigs in Japan are keen on adding to the product line.

Recent reports claim that some of the brand’s signature innovations like its 200mph electric powertrain and advanced CoPilot system will be sourced to big Japanese manufacturers; to be part of a new breed of electric motorcycles coming out this decade.

Let’s take a look at Damon’s Hypersport in detail:


Latest news Won Best in Innovation at CES
Price $24,995
Range 200 miles (322km)
80% charge time 20 minutes
Top speed 200 mph
Production 1500/year
Manufacturer Damon
Bike segment Sports
Displacement category Electric
Price category Under $25,000
Colours available Orange, Black, Red & White
Competition Harley Davidson LiveWire


Motor Electric
Power 200hp
Torque 147 ft-lbs
Level 2 charge time < 3 hrs
0-60 mph <3 s
Battery 21.5 kWh
Brakes Front:  320mm dual disc
Rear:  Single rear disc
ABS:  –
Tire Front:    120mm 17″
Rear:     200mm 17″
Wheel type 17-inch
Warranty and Service Warranty: 2 years
Service: Damon service centers
Partnered electric motorcycle dealers
Mobile service at the front door via van


CoPilot Included
Body Shift Included
4G Connectivity + Data Included
Camera 2 X 1080P
Seat Height 32″ Max Height, Variable with Shift™
Wheelbase 55″
Kerb weight Under 440 lbs
Fuel  tank capacity
Premier Features Exclusive – only 25 made

Brembo brakes

Ohlin suspension

Single-sided carbon fiber swingarm

330mm dual from disc

 *expected **optional

DAMON HYPERSPORT- Better, Safer, Smarter

yellow electric motorcycle

The Damon Hypersport comes with the tagline ‘Better, Safer and Smarter‘, and it’s hard not to believe them.


The Damon Hypersport comes with a 200hp electric motor that can do 0-60mph in under 3 seconds with a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. While these numbers are impressive, they are not the reason why we see it as a massive upgrade over conventional superbikes.

Traditionally, motorcycles have always had a single body type. Any changes to the ride dynamics have been limited to the few ride modes that these motorcycles come as default. However, the Hypersport completely blows this out of the water by providing what they call a ‘Shift’ system. What this does is change the geometry of the bike to suit the specificities of the drive. The handlebars, windscreen, seat, and footpegs can all move between four adjustable points, essentially making this sportbike turn into a sport-tourer or even an upright commuter with the push of a button.


When on roads, Damon claims that the Hypersport will be the ‘safest’ motorcycle to ride. This is achieved thanks to an 360º Advanced Warning System called CoPilot. The system employs a series of sensors including radar and cameras to constantly monitor its vicinity. The oncoming threats are conveyed to the rider by means of haptic feedback on the handlebar and through integrated LED lights on the windscreen.


Keeping the bike safe is an advanced AI system that constantly monitors the bike’s internal condition and external environment to provide the best possible solutions.

white electric superbike side

electric motorcycle rear


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