Ford’s Bronco is a sub-brand. [FRESH UPDATES]

Ford showcased an edgier ‘Bronco’ silhouette at their recent press event. This is quite clearly a Wrangler competition, and its flexed wheel arches are doing nothing to hide that.

New Ford Bronco 2020

 What we said

Back in 2017, we reported that the new Bronco will be inspired by the T4 Troller concept showcased in Mexico. Earlier the same year, there were strong rumors that it was actually a re-badged Everest. However, the Everest is nothing special and wouldn’t warrant the kind of attention Ford is giving this. So we decided to stick with our source, and wait patiently for the Blue Oval’s move.

Thankfully, our source was right and the new Bronco, with its boxy edges and tall stance, seems to be a fitting tribute to the one of the past.

What we know now- A new ‘Bronco’ Brand

The Bronco won’t be just another SUV, instead, it is a sub-brand catering to the utility class. Along with the SUV mentioned above, a smaller ‘Ford Escape’ based model will also be available- possibly called Ford Puma.

The Big Bad Bronco

Ford Bronco Puma

The bigger Bronco seen under wraps above, will get the recently released Ford Ranger’s frame. Ford says that it will be a ‘no-nonsense mid-size 4×4’, tested on a number of terrains and built for off-road.

What less we see, we like. It’s a proper ode to the Bronco which left us in 1996- one that the fans have been waiting for. Let’s hope everything else fall in to place too.

Ford Bronco Puma

In contrast, the Ford Puma (name unconfirmed) is based on the Ford Escape, and will be more at home on the roads than the mud. Pictures were leaked completely online but was later removed on request from the manufacturer.

Though to a lesser extent, the Puma also has a boxy shape and short overhangs that reminds us of some of the classic SUVs.

THE FORD BRONCO- Price & Release date

It seems that Ford is only bringing two cars to the Bronco banner (initially). We are not sure about the price but ‘highly competitive’ should be the wor.

The Bronco Puma is likely to go on sale as a 2020 model and the bigger model, exactly a year after.

2020 Ford Bronco SUV

Stay tuned for more updates

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