GMC Hummer EV or the Tesla Cybertruck – Our choice now

GMC Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck headlights

Just when we thought that Telsa would have a massive lead in the Electric truck segment, GMC decided to put up a Superbowl AD, with LeBron introducing their, wait for it, Hummer EV! This is possibly the only EV that can match the CyberTruck’s hype and sure enough, that’s what happened.

So what do I think about both these trucks? Will they co-exist or fight to death?

First, Thoughts on the Hummer EV

Everyone knows the Hummer! It is such an iconic name that at one point we were regretting how it was dusting away in GMC’s garage. However, to be fair to the manufacturer, no real market exist where the Hummer could be used for mass production. It would also be a waste to use it as a general truck or SUV brand- which GM already has plentiful.

So making the Hummer an Electric brand seem to be the right choice. They can now 100% leverage of its popularity, have a strong platform to get into the segment, and if cards are played right, even give Tesla a run for their electricity.

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Hummer vs Cybertruck – There’s enough for both

Suddenly an electric F-150 doesn’t feel all that special! This comes down to the fact that most conventional truck buyers will still continue to use their gasoline trucks.

If you want to sell an electric truck, you have to find new customers. Tesla managed to do that very well by introducing a sci-fi inspired and truly out-of-this-world Cybertruck! Now GM will try to leverage customers who don’t want something as crazy (even described childish) but are still interested in a huge electric truck and all the utility that comes along.

I feel that the market is big enough to accommodate two such crazy trucks and perhaps a few more!

I pick the electric hummer, or not!

Though the Hummer EV isn’t out yet, in all likelihood I will pick it over the Cybertruck. It’s not that I don’t like the latter (I absolutely love it) but I’d rather not have the attention of pulling in to my neighborhood in an alien-looking vehicle!

So there you go, if I had to pick between either of these two vehicles, I will pick none.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned.

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