The Honda GM EV is a Honda made by GM!

Honda and GM Electric crossover partnership

By now you must have heard that Honda and GM are working together to create two new EVs for release before 2025. We’ve got more details on the confirmed deal and here’s how it is penned:

Basically, its two new Honda Electric Vehicles

GM’s share in this mega-partnership will be their modular electric vehicle platform, Ultium battery technology, and manufacturing plants across North America. Additionally, GM’s OnStar safety and security services and hands-free advanced driver-assist technology will be made available in the two cars. However, everything else will be purely Honda.

This means that the cars will have a Honda nameplate, with the exterior, interior, drive dynamics and almost every other specification relatably Japanese.

Honda will benefit from an advanced modular electric platform, that can easily be integrated into any vehicle or design. Many of GM’s own future electric vehicles will be based on this platform too. The new Ultium battery pack is as flexible and, on paper, returns an impressive 400 miles of range.

Why is this partnership needed?

The electric vehicle segment has gone mainstream and every major manufacturer wants a piece. Unfortunately, everyone is lacking in one aspect or another. In this particular case, Honda is poised to benefit from GM’s technology and manufacturing facilities while GM, the former’s popularity and sales.

The partnership will allow GM to share some of the costs from development and production and streamline their manufacturing. By partnering with Honda a lot more people will become familiar with their platform and battery, which is good in the long run.

For Honda, this is the only sure shot way to have multiple Electric vehicles in the US before 2025.

Honda electric sedan, crossover or even minivan!

Though there is no confirmation, a crossover is very likely to be in Honda’s plans. The second vehicle is still a mystery but I would love it if they make a minivan instead of a sedan. GM is already accommodating their Hummer EV in this platform so why not a family electric vehicle for a change.

Hummer vs Cybertruck

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