Honda V4 Superbike – price, launch date, specs

Honda V4 bike HOnda new superbike V4

The Design of Honda’s upcoming V4 superbike has been completely revealed through patent images. To keep things quiet, Honda patented the new bike as re-design on the footrest hangers as opposed to a completely new bike. The new bike can be seen as a more aggressive blade, positioned under their flagship Honda RC 213V-S.

Honda V4 Superbike – price

The new bike will be priced between their Fireblade and RC 213V-S, with prices obviously closer to the former. We expect it to be near £31,000 or $38752.

If launched in India, the bike will be priced closer to 50 lakh Rupees.

Price in UK £31,000


Honda V4 Superbike – launch date

The new Honda V4 bike will be launched in US and UK next year as a 2019 model. It is still not known whether the bike will come to India. It should only be available in limited numbers.

Launch date Mid 2018


Honda V4 Superbike- design

The new bike takes inspiration from both Honda’s CBR and RC bikes. It has a forward leaning stance with single seat, large fuel tank and rear wing.

The bike is inspired from the RC 213V-S on the sides, while its headlights will be similar to the new blade. The footrest hangers have been redesigned for accommodating the newly designed exhaust pipe from the lower cylinder. Its engine will act as a stressed member of the chassis, eliminating any heavy frame parts.

On the rear, many aerodynamic features are provided. The new rear wing is probably the biggest addition here, along with two airflow vents on its either side. Small airflow vents are provided on the base of the seat as well.

Honda V4 Superbike – Engine and performance

Performance figures of the new bike aren’t revealed yet but obviously, it will be more than the CBR1000RR Fireblade.

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