Pictures of the Jaguar E Type Concept Zero NOT from the wedding!

Jaguar E Type Concept Zero ride EV

If you are like me, your Facebook home page is probably filled with this gorgeous little car from the Royal Wedding. The Jaguar E-type Concept Zero is what it is, and was used by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to reach their Windsor reception hosted by Prince Charles. The car was revealed in 2017 at a Tech Fest event in London, and is not a custom job or anything of the sort. It a build by Jaguar using parts and design charts of the classic E-type, at JLR Classic’s new 14,000m sq headquarters in Coventry. Fair to say that there will be an enormous amount of bookings coming its way in 2020- the year that the British manufacture hopes to bring it to production.

Being electric, the legendary six-cylinder XK engine has been given a miss. Instead, in an almost identical place sits a new 220kW electric motor mated to a reduction gear directly behind it. Top speed is limited to 100mph and can be achieved in 10 seconds flat. I am betting the engine is more capable but Jaguar probably didn’t want to take away the ‘classic’ out of it!

The Cullinan is not a Rolls Royce I accept

Some rotting vintage cars of India

JLR Classic’s HQ Coventry England Etype

Modern Electric E type Zero interior

Great thing about this car is that it not just looks identical to the original E-Type but is also built like one. So if you want to swap the electric powertrain for a more conventional gasoline one, it is just as well possible. You can save a good couple of millions by not buying the original model as well.

Interior is similar to the classic E-type but is obviously upgraded to be within modern standards. Quality of material has been improved and a new digital instrument and infotainment system is provided.

The production of the E-Type Zero will be limited and on-demand. JLR Classic director Tim Hannig says

‘We’re looking forward to the reaction of our clients as we investigate bringing this concept to market.’

All you need now is to set a date, I’d say.

Electric Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

Jag E Type Zero boot

The Jaguar E Type Cncept Zero

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2020

XK3304 Jaguar E type zero electric mill


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