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Kia Grand Carnival (Sedona) vs Toyota Innova | Compare

New Kia Grand Carnival

We all know thatToyota Innova is the undisputed king of India’s MPV space. The car has been raking sales for a long time now, and the recent ‘Crysta’ update has only added to its numbers. It has no real rivals in the segment and most other carmakers have only watched with closed eyes, that is, up until now.

If rumors and spy shots are to be believed, Kia will bring their Grand Carnival to India as a direct competitor the the Innova Crysta. So we’ve decided to do a comparison on what each car has going for it:

Both have the name

Though Toyota admittedly has a bigger name globally, Kia is not far behind. They have a good presence in Europe and constantly add strong cars to their portfolio.

In India, Kia is a new name but their parent brand Hyundai, with streaks of god marketing and that huge stall at the Auto Expo, has positioned it at a premium level even before launch.  Like with the Duster for Renault and Compass for Jeep, the global face of Kia could pull in good number of sales in their initial months. They could leverage Hyundai’s superior service networks as well. However, trust and reputation only comes with age and customer base, which Toyota so clearly has.

How do they compare in terms of looks?

In terms of MPV design, there’s only so much you can add. Both the Grand Carnival and Innova Crysta look great but I don’t know whether it’s the freshness or the imposing stretched-out look, the former appeals to me more.

The Kia Carnival has an appealing flat-low stance that’s definitely more MPV than the Innova. It gets Kia’s signature grille at the front, large headlights and windows, and sliding rear doors which are alien to the segment right now. The alloy wheels come in 21, 19 and 18-inch configurations.

The Innova, on the other hand, has a familiar warmth to it that Indians have gotten used to. This is not necessarily bad, in fact, is one of the things that allow it to sell so well. Further, the car is formal, SUV-ish and has a mix of both-worldiness which is yet to be matched in the segment!

Grand Carnival vs Innova

Which is bigger?

The Kia grand Carnival is much bigger than the Innova Crysta in size, and is quite evident from the pictures. It is 5,115mm long, 1,985mm wide and 1,755mm high with a wheelbase of 3,060mm. In comparison, the Innova is 4,735 mm long, 1,830 mm wide and 1,795 mm, and has a wheelbase of 2750mm. As you can notice, the only dimension that the Carnival goes back on is its height.

The above numbers also equate to better room on the inside and could help Kia create a name for itself in the tourist vehicle industry. Apart from the standard 7- and 8-seat configuration, the Kia Grand Carnival is also available in a 11-seater option.

What about equipment?

Kia, like Hyundai, will load up their vehicles with lots of equipment. These include 7.0 inch instrument clusture, audio system with steering mounted controls, advanced touch screen infotainment system in higher trims, 3-zone automatic climate control, cruise control, number of USB ports and two sunroofs, yes two! A bunch of active and passive safety features are also available.

The Toyota Innova Crysta is slightly lesser equipped than the Carnival, but lower variants should feel pretty similar.

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Power is essential

Kia Grand Carnival India

The Toyota Innova Crysta comes with a 2393cc 4-cylinder diesel engine producing 147.9 bhp (150 PS) @ 3400 rpm and 343 Nm @ 1400-2800 rpm. The comparable 2.2-litre, four-cylinder, diesel of the Grand Carnival is capable of 200 hp and 441 Nm.  The Innova gets a 5-speed manual while the Carnival has a 6-speed one.

The Innova’s petrol model has a 2.7L 166PS mill while the Grand Carnival gets a 270 hp V6.

There’s no confirmation on the powertrains yet but figures like the ones above are unheard of in this price bracket.


Kia Grand Carnival vs Innova Crysta

Kia hopes to roll out five locally produced cars from its facility in Andhra Pradesh from 2019. If the Grand Carnival is one among them, competitive pricing can be expected.  However, this might be slightly higher than the Innova for obvious reasons.

The Kia Grand Carnival has everything in it to be a threat to the Innova. It is big, looks good, is powerful and definitely has a mass-appeal. Only thing Kia has to do is get the price right. Fingers crossed.

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