McLaren Speedtail: Coming to US without rear-view mirrors!

By now you must have all heard that McLaren has an all-new top dog in their block. The McLaren Speedtail, as it is called, is 1035 hps of pure engineering perfection, and closest you will ever get to an airliner on four wheels. We are calling it the F1-successor for now- against objection of the manufacturer, as they should have thought about it before putting the steering wheel on its centre.

1036 hp McLaren Speedtail hypercar rear

McLaren is keeping hush on most aspects except for perhaps the most important ones- 1,035 horses (772 kW), 250 mph top speed with 186 miles of those coming in mere 12.8 seconds! As with some hypercars of this generation, its powertrain is hybrid.

Before brushing this aside as another elitist hypercar, know that the Speedtail has seating for three people and enough space for ‘most’ of their luggage. So really, it’s a “Grand Tourer” if nothing else.

Mclaren Senna

Mclaren 720S

McLaren Speedtail: Price, release date and availability

McLaren Speedtail wallpaper

The Mclaren Speedtail costs €1,970,000, or little over 2.2 million dollars. Thoroughly deserved value for a car of its stature, and if you have any doubts, all the 106 (that’s right the exact number of its ‘not-predecessor’ F1) models have been sold out- a third of which is going to USA.

The Speedtails will begin to reach owners by early 2020.

McLaren Speedtail: Not road-legal in USA

McLaren Speedtail interior

Obviously, a car without rear view mirrors is just not going to cut it in US roads. All the Speedtail has is a really advanced rear view camera but the safety of looking back through a small mirror is unmatched (according to regulators). Also with the driver seat in its center, mandatory side airbags would be difficult to accommodate.

All hope is not lost though, and under a nifty rule from 1999, you can still file the car with a special show or display status. This allows 2,500 miles of driving a year, which is probably more than what atleast few of these cars will ever see in their lifetime.

New McLaren Speedtail Hypercar

Happy riding rich people!

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