Mercedes GLG 2020: What is it and when will it release?

2020 Mercedes Benz GLG

It’s no secret that Mercedes is working on a new SUV called the GLB. Way before anything was official, we thought it would be a baby G-Wagon intended to expand the G-Class portfolio and make it accessible to those not within Papa G’s $120,000 price tag! However, new spy shots reveal that the GLB adopts mostly conventional design cues which makes it a baby-GLS, if nothing else.

So our wait for a proper baby G-Class continues, or does it? If we go back six years, there was a rumour of another GL vehicle called the GLG. It was also claimed to be a smaller version of the G-Class but nothing materialised since. Now though, famed German publication Auto Bild has claimed (vaguely) that there might be some great new!

Mercedes GLG 2020: What is it?

We don’t know yet! A lot has passed since our first report of the GLB and the recent developments might only hint at a very early discussions about the model- probably even conceptual stages. There are no prototypes or codenames and a production model, if any, should only be expected late 2020.

What Auto Bild says:

Mercedes GLG Wagon

The popular publication, without citing any sources, claimed that Mercedes found a way to cheaply build new body styles and in the process, make fresh models at a comparatively affordable rate. They added that the GLG would be a competitor to the Range Rover Sport, which sells for $66,000 in the US. A host of new technology will be used so as to make it an off-road capable.

Our take on the GLG

We have been following this development for some time now and the authenticity of the GLG still stands at 70%. Almost all of Mercedes’s SUVs are conventional road-beaters and the manufacturer has been contemplating a true-blood off-roader for so long now. There’s room for such a vehicle too, especially between the GLE and GLS, or (most of all) between the GLS and the G-Wagon!

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If the Mercedes GLB makes to production, it won’t be a small clone of the G-Class, instead would have a boxy rugged design as much as Mercidesly possible (think RR Sport competition). There will be lots of off-road tech pumped in to it and ofcourse, plenty of ground clearance!

Mercedes GLG in works - Baby G-Class

Mercedes GLG SUV - Small G Class Wagon

Overall, a worthy machine to look forward too don’t you think?

*pictures of Vision Ener-G-Force concept for illustration

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