MW Motors Luka EV is vintage to the core!

Vintage cars to electric

Czech Republic–based MW Motors has revealed their Luka Electric two-seat coupe. The car looks straight outta the 1950s and the bright ‘bumblebee’ color gives it a special charm!

Electric 2 door coupe

The MW Motors Luka EV comes in two variants- one with four in-wheel hub motors and an other with conventional single permanent magnet electric motor. The former can do  0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 9.6 second, reaching a top speed of 90 mph. The standard model has a 0-62 mph time of 9.8 seconds, and an 87-mph top speed. Range is 186 miles and 193 miles respectively (as claimed).

Even though the Luka has a borrowed design, I kind of like it. However, they could have at least not copied Volkswagen logo!

Standard Luka price$32,863
In-wheel motor variant price$43,818

HM Ambassador (Morris) Electric

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