2020 Ford Explorer ST & Hybrid | Price, Spec & More

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST and the Hybrid are now available across dealerships. Here are some of their official engine specifications: Spec Base 2.3L EcoBoost ST 3.0L EcoBoost V6 (On the ST) 3.3L Hybrid Drive type RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Intelligent 4WD RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Engine type Turbo, Direct Injection […]

Damon Hypersport Electric Motorcycle: Price, Specs, Range and More

Damon Motorcycles, a Vancouver, Canada-based electric motorcycle company, working with the aim of destructive innovations in the two-wheeler space has just brought out their first product- The Hypersport. True to their ambitions, the Hypersport HS and its top-of-the-line Premier model boast of many superior features and technology, which even some bigwigs in Japan are keen […]

Tesla Model Y spotted for the first time

The Tesla Model Y has been spied for the first time. It was seen without any camouflage and seems production-ready. Unfortunately, we’ve only got this one picture but more are expected to come out soon. Why is this a surprise? Tesla was always late to the Crossover/SUV segment. The launched the model S in a […]

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