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    Rivian-Lincoln Electric SUV cancelled

    Market situations prevailing as a result of COVID-19 have made Ford and Rivian cancel their plan of making a Luxury Electric Lincoln SUV. Vehicles sales have gone down all across the world and there is an even lesser case for premium EVs right now. Lincoln has confirmed that they will approach the EV market at their own pace, possibly making a different platform altogether. With over $500 million of Investment in Rivian, it’s not like Ford is done with the brand. They will still use the latter’s ‘Skateboard’ platform in multiple future projects

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    Rivian, Ford and Amazon! What’s up?

    Rivian is big, way big! Bigger than we ever thought a company with zero cars in their production line could be. After attracting a 700 million investment from Amazon, they are getting additional $500 investment from market giant Ford. They were initially in talks with GM but that fizzled out, mostly for the better. Ford is unarguably the top dog in the truck segment and getting them on board is only going to raise confidence- both from stakeholders and consumers. Unofficial valuations put Rivian at $5-7 billion dollars- a number that is only expected to grow. Rivian- Everyone’s talking about them! Rivian is a Michigan-based electric mobility brand which burst…

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    Rivian R1S & R1T- A detailed look

    Rivian- a little-know electric manufacturer from Michigan had all eyes glued to it at this year’s LA Auto Show, and for good reason too. Demand for electric vehicles has soared across the world but their torquey motors have till now, only found application in conventional cars and low-duty crossovers. Negating ‘range’ concerns, this massive and instant torque is something that the ‘Adventure/Offroad’ segment practically begs for- and one that Rivian hopes to address with their R1S and R1T. They are calling the new segment ‘Electric Adventure Vehicles’ or EAV for short. Its not like Rivian cropped out of nowhere. Their founder and CEO Mr. RJ Scaringe has for long been…