Tesla Model Y spotted for the first time

The Tesla Model Y has been spied for the first time. It was seen without any camouflage and seems production-ready. Unfortunately, we’ve only got this one picture but more are expected to come out soon.

Tesla Model Y blue

Why is this a surprise?

Tesla was always late to the Crossover/SUV segment. The launched the model S in a segment which has huge demand for SUVs (delaying the model X by almost 3 years) and now they are pushing back the model Y, when there is a good demand for crossovers at the price. They could have used the current platform on the ‘Y’ and launched a crossover by as early as 2018 but now its launch is only expected by 2019 or 2020.

We are not certain how dearly this delay will cost Tesla but in the end if it translates to a hugely better product, we would be happy.

2019 Tesla Model Y

Update: Elon Musk rolled back on his earlier promise of a ‘unique platform’ and the new Tesla Y will be based on the Model 3’s platform. It will also share many specs, interior features and even design.  Tesla says that this will make production fast and economic, allowing no further delays for the crossover.

On a lighter note, now Tesla’s model line-up reads ‘S 3 X Y’.

2018 Nissan Leaf- details

Tesla Model Y price and release date

As we said, launch is only expected by tail end of this decade. Prices will be competition with Audi’s Q5 and BMW X6.

Release date 2019
Price in USA $48,000
Price in UK £40,000


Tesla Model Y exterior

New Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is based on the Model 3’s platform and even share some of its design. Front looks similar to the 3 while the rear sports a flat-minimal design. Sides carry an improvement in ground clearance and unlike Musk’s initial proclamation, no Falcon wing doors are provided.

Tesla Model Y Interior

Model Y interior
The manufacturer’s space saving electric drive system will ensure enough room inside the cabin. Interior is clutter free and the large portrait infotainment system is sure to be provided. Most of it might be sourced from the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model Y motor, specs

What powers the Model Y is not revealed yet. Elon Musk initially wanted to ditch the traditional 12-volt battery architecture to keep wiring (and weight) down but as we said, that won’t be possible.

Going by the Model 3, there could be a 50-kWh battery variant with 200+ mile range and a higher capacity 75-kWh capable of near 300 miles.



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