• Honda Electric cars

    A different ‘Honda E’ car might come to USA!

    Honda has pretty much closed the doors for ‘Honda E’ hatchback in USA but for fans of their new electric car, there might still be hope. The manufacturer recently homologated the E’s all-electric platform for North America. This indicates that they are working on different electric car for the States, which is not much of a surprise. The continent is one of the largest consumers of electric vehicles and sales have almost doubled in the last year. Its not a segment that companies can neglect anymore.   But why not the ‘E’ hatch? Regardless of the huge hype surrounding their electric htachback, Honda is adamant that they will not sell…

  • solar panels
    Alternate Energy and Fuel

    How clean is Solar Power, really? [Carbon Debt and liability]

    Not that I have anything against solar panels but how clean are they actually? Solar power is getting a huge push from big countries like India and the European Union, and is fairly established in USA and China. Solar roofs are all in the vogue and there is even talks on solar cars and Aeroplanes. Next thing we need is solar power overtaking Petroleum to be an even bigger menace, as was the case with coal and the latter.   Coal is still one of the dirtiest fuels but it was hard to carry, had low efficiency and produced lots of thick smoke. Petroleum on the other hand was efficient,…