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    Damon Hypersport Electric Motorcycle: Price, Specs, Range and More

    Damon Motorcycles, a Vancouver, Canada-based electric motorcycle company, working with the aim of destructive innovations in the two-wheeler space has just brought out their first product- The Hypersport. True to their ambitions, the Hypersport HS and its top-of-the-line Premier model boast of many superior features and technology, which even some bigwigs in Japan are keen on adding to the product line. Recent reports claim that some of the brand’s signature innovations like its 200mph electric powertrain and advanced CoPilot system will be sourced to big Japanese manufacturers; to be part of a new breed of electric motorcycles coming out this decade. Let’s take a look at Damon’s Hypersport in detail:…

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    Kawasaki Electric motorcycle : What you should know

    Kawasaki showcased their incredible ‘J-Concept’ electric three-wheeler way back in 2013. Back then we said that it was too bohemian to ever make in to production, and unsurprisingly, that was right. Neither the concept, nor its tech was ever used again. In fact, their arch rival Yamaha beat them to the 3-wheeled segmet by releasing their Niken last year. The year 2013 was not really big for electric motorcycles and anything on the lines were seen as futuristic. Now that the future is here, Kawasaki wants to jump on the bandwagon. What the patents tell us The leaked patent design shows us a very normal looking streetfighter which is certainly…