2020 Ford Explorer ST & Hybrid | Price, Spec & More

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST and the Hybrid are now available across dealerships. Here are some of their official engine specifications: Spec Base 2.3L EcoBoost ST 3.0L EcoBoost V6 (On the ST) 3.3L Hybrid Drive type RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Intelligent 4WD RWD with available intelligent four-wheel drive Engine type Turbo, Direct Injection […]

Tesla Model Y spotted for the first time

The Tesla Model Y has been spied for the first time. It was seen without any camouflage and seems production-ready. Unfortunately, we’ve only got this one picture but more are expected to come out soon. Why is this a surprise? Tesla was always late to the Crossover/SUV segment. The launched the model S in a […]

2021 Ford F150 spied for the first time! Changes

The next generation Ford F150 has been spied for the first time. It is expected to release late next year, as a 2021 model. The truck is wrapped in an unprecedented amount of camouflage, which either means that this is a very early prototype or has some kind of drastic change in design. We are […]

Rivian, Ford and Amazon! What’s up?

Rivian is big, way big! Bigger than we ever thought a company with zero cars in their production line could be. After attracting a 700 million investment from Amazon, they are getting additional $500 investment from market giant Ford. They were initially in talks with GM but that fizzled out, mostly for the better. Ford […]

2020 Royal Enfield INT 650 | Continental GT650 starts at $5,799

Royal Enfield introduced their 650 Twins- the INT 650 and Continental GT650 last year. This heritage Indian brand has been on the rise the past few years, whilst similar manufacturers like Harley Davidson are losing sales across the globe. They are currently working on new motorcycles, certain upgrades and four new platforms. These lagship motorcycles […]

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