Toyota FT-4X to be called TJ Cruiser? Goes up against 2020 Bronco

Toyota FT4X Crossover

Short for ‘Future Toyota-Four-wheel-drive Crossover’, the FT-4X may not be the FJ successor we were hoping for but (Toyota thinks that) it is the successor we need.

At the 2017 New York Auto Show Toyota showcased a funky crossover named the FT 4X, made keeping in mind the ‘generic’ millennial. It is intended to fill the gap between their hardcore SUVs like the 4Runner and Tacoma, and cars like the RAV4 and C-HR.

The Toyota FT-4X is certainly unique and seems to have caught the attention of many. Let’s check out some of its details.

Toyota FT 4X- In the News

TJ Cruiser patented by Toyota

Until now, there were no hints to what Toyota will call their upcoming crossover. The FT-4X, which mean Future vehicle four-wheel concept is too generic to be on a production car. Now, however, the manufacturer has patented the name ‘FJ-Cruiser’ which seems like a good name to give something people widely see as the ‘TJ-Cruiser’ replacement. Calling it the new-generation TJ Cruiser could however upset many fans.


This article contains speculations based on available information

Toyota FT 4X (TJ Cruiser)

It is easy to notice that the Toyota FT-4X is still in its early concept stage, as envisioned by their Calty Design Research, in Newport Beach, Calif. However, it also gives glimpses of what the manufacturer is aiming for. With the new Ford Bronco scheduled for 2020, we could see a face-off by end of this decade.

New Ford Bronco confirmed for 2020. Rumours in full swing

Toyota California design boss Kevin Hunter said that it was the shifting trend to small, frugal SUVs that prompted them to think seriously on the segment. The FT-4X is based on their new Global vehicle architecture and they are leaving no stones unturned to please the Gen Y.

2018 Toyota FT-4X
Price in USA $26,000
Release date 2020
Engine Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid
Interior changes
Exterior changes



Design wise, the FT-4X concept looks like a toy car at the moment. However, it does have the mettle to turn in to a very capable crossover. It is square shaped and rugged, and even gives homage to some early Toyota SUVs. At the front, the modern Toyota logo has been ditched for a bold, ‘Toyota’ name written on the grille. The window on its driver side rear fender is sort of like their Pickup Xtracab and they are removable.
New FT-4X hatch

At the rear, Toyota’s ‘Multi-Hatch’ system can open both upwards and sideways by turning the lever. Large reflective tow hooks can be seen on the bumper and the tie down hoops at the corners of the roof rack are fitted with lights that are a huge help for camping.


Inside Toyota FT 4X
On the inside, the FT-4X is equally rugged and practical. Interior lights and Radio are portable and can be removed and its door handles can be used as water bottles. The car’s rear seat can be folded flat and can be used for sleeping or for extra cargo. In with the shifting trend, mobile phones will be the prime source of infotainment and can be mounted just above the instrument cluster.

Toyota FT 4X Engine (TJ Cruiser)

The concept car comes with nothing under its hood and it is hard to guess which engine options will be provided. Apart from petrol and diesel, a hybrid unit is also expected to be part of the line-up.

Toyota FT 4X price, release date, production

Toyota FT-4X cabin
The Toyota FT 4X is expected to be revealed in the year 2019, reaching dealerships as a 2020 model. The production model will definitely lose some of the fancy features but practicality will be ensured.

Price is not revealed yet but it will be in competition with the Ford Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler.

Toyota might also bring the SUV to India as they do not have any offering in the segment.

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