[VIDEO] Maruti Baleno customer cheated by service centre

Baleno 2nd free serive no service

What is the worst part of owning a car or motorcycles? An answer we hear more often than not is ‘service’. It’s actually not the ‘service’ part that gets people paranoid. Most people are more than happy to dish out a few hundred or thousand rupees to keep their vehicle in tip-toe shape. However, when this is for a ‘service’ that was never done, it becomes a problem. This is exactly what a Maruti customer from Mangalore had to face when he send his Baleno for its second free service. Fortunately, the whole incident was caught on camera and he promptly uploaded it in Youtube.

This is in no way an isolated incident. When you are someone in the know-how of automobiles, you could probably tell when a proper service was done. However, most people have no choice but to trust the brand’s service centre and this leads to exploitation.

Maruti Mandovi Motors Mangalore

The video shows a Team-BHP member ROG_AK leaving his car for its 2nd free service at Mandovi Motors in Mangalore. He left the dash-cam ‘on’ to check whether proper service was being done but the results were beyond what he expected. Not only did he not receive any of the service mentioned in the checklist, his car was badly looked after. At one point in the video, mechanics can be seen eating lunch and lounging inside the car, all while the AC is set to maximum. Even worse was the fact that all this happened in front of the service manager.

When ROG_AK finally came to pick up his car, the car was nicely cleaned and washed (probably the only thing they did) and the necessary boxes in the service checklist ‘ticked’.

After seeing the video, ROG_AK went back to the service cater and confronted the service manager. The manager apologized for his actions and even promised to take necessary action against those who were at fault. The Baleno was rightly provided a proper service as well.

These kind of behavior is becoming very common at service centers of all brands, not just of Maruti. In order to ensure that customers are not being taken advantage of, the manufacturer must have an inspection atleast once a month (the CCTV cameras are a good start). As a customer, you have every right to question something that’s not being done properly.

Please share if you’ve had a similar experience at any automobile service center.

Maruti Baleno service checklistvia Rushlane

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