Volvo’s fully electric hatchback to have 500 km (310 miles) range

Volvo fully electric hatchback 2019

Volvo is all set to reveal a full electric hatchback next year. They are already pretty deep in the hybrid race and even have plans to electrify all their models starting from 2019.

The new electric model will be based on the automaker’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). This is an advanced platform that is capable of accommodating a number of powertrains, including an all-electric one. The car’s design will be inspired from the 40.1 concept and will thus have a coupe-isque appearance.

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Volvo R&D boss Henrik Green, in an interview with Autocar magazine, hinted that the new model could have a maximum range of 301 miles (500 km). He further added that the car’s batteries will be modular, meaning that it can be ordered in different range and power specifications. This particular feature could attract a wider range of people in to EV world. However, he didn’t say whether the technology was flexible enough to be upgraded after sales.

“We are building a modular system to meet different customer sectors, both in battery size and electric motor configuration”. “The goal is to address the broader population with cost-efficient solutions and then address a more premium segment with more motor power and longer range.”- He said

There is no minimum level set at this point of time but general demand should factor highly.

Volvo is likely to extend their electric line-up to a sedan (based on the 40.2 concept) as well.

The Swedish manufacturer already has the V40 and S40, and the upcoming models could be priced in their vicinity.

Via- Autocar

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