VW Atlas Tanoak, Cross Sport (hybrid)- Release?

New Volkswagen Tanoak Atlas truck

New Volkswagen Tanoak Atlas truck

Volkswagen showcased two very interesting Atlas-based concepts at the ongoing New York Auto Show. One of which- the Cross Sport, is its five-seat version and was teased a number of times earlier. However, the Tanoak pick-up is a complete surprise and arguably, the star attraction of the event.

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Both vehicles share face with the Atlas but obviously, the bohemianism required of a concept are present. One of which is the blinding strip of LED lights running through the grille and on the logo! The Tanoak even gets similar strips at the rear. Remove these though, and they are both near-production.

That’s not all they share. Both concepts are based MQB modular platform, have similar interiors and could have sames engines under the hood. Thus VW has very little overhead when bringing either of the cars to production. At the moment, however, only the Cross Sport has been confirmed.

Volkswagen Cross Sport (Hybrid)

VW Atlas Cross Sport SUV

The VW Cross Sport, as I said, is essentially a 5-seat version of the Atlas. The compact proportions do look better, and it’s easy to see why this model is so important for the manufacturer’s future prospects. Better yet, it’s got a capable hybrid as well.

Power for the SUV comes from the same 3.6-liter V6 present on the Atlas. As such it can produce 276-horsepower but when coupled to a pair of electric motors, this is boosted by 79 hp. There’s a less powerful 310 hp mild hybrid variant as well.

The VW Atlas Cross Sport will reach dealerships next year.

Volkswagen Cross Sport Atlas 5-Seat SUV

Price $26,000
Release date 2019
Engine 3.6-liter V6 + 2 electric motors
Top power  355 hp
All electric range 26 miles

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak pickup truck

VW isn’t quite sure about the Tanoak yet, but I’ll tell you why they should make up their mind, and fast.

The mid-size pickup segment is one of USA’s most popular, and sales of Toyota Tahoma, Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon combined exceeded the total sales of VW across all its range last year. This is huge, and with the Ford Ranger coming this year, there’s definitely no dearth in sight. Anyone could do well with a part of this pie, not to mention a manufacture that has an offering as good looking as the Tanoak.

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You could argue that car-based pickups don’t enjoy the same amount of interest as the ones above, and that’s true. However, Toyota needn’t worry about this because they have very little to lose. The truck shares almost all its parts- both exterior and interior, with the Atlas. They could even share an engine. Add little nips and tucks, including the trick low-gearing setup of the concept and voila! we have a capable premium pickup. The Honda Ridgeline sells 30,000+ units a year, even close to that for a variant of the Atlas (the Tanoak) would be great for the model-line as a whole!

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VW Cross sport Tanoak interior

There you go, both the concepts look good and have every right to hit dealerships very soon. However, VW has not given anything concrete yet and we will have to wait till later part of this year for more details.

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