Revived VW Beach Buggy is electric

VW Electric Beach buggy

The Beach Buggy was one of the more significant automotive revelations of the 60s and 70s. Everyone hoped on the fad- people were slapping the roof of their Beetles and no beach was one without it. The buggy signified freedom, youth and energy- a four-wheeled motorcycle if I must say, and all these characteristics were automatically imbibed on Volkswagen as a brand as well. With the new breed of Beetles no longer buggy-spec, or cheap, the German manufacturer had to do something to cash-in on the buggy’s ‘nostalgia’- and this is what they have come up with!

VW Electric Beach buggy


The new Buggy won’t be based on the Beetle, or any of VW’s gasoline platforms. Instead, its open body sits on a Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) platform, and as the name suggests, will have electric motors powering it.

Volkswagen has gone for a modern take on the whole buggy design and seems to have executed it really well. Going electric is also a sensible decision, as there’s no market for smoke-spitting sand-jumpers anymore-however fun that might be.

Is it going on sale?

We have to wait till Geneva Motor Show (next month) for Volkswagen to confirm anything substantial. In all possibility, they just want to show-off the flexible MEB platform and boast that it can accommodate a SUV as well as a buggy (and more) with little effort. Indeed, the platform itself is interesting but we will be hoping for something a bit more.

If it goes on sales, the buggy could find its market with a more ‘refined’ bunch of beach goers- which is probably where Volkswagen as a brand is now. Assimilation in to the coast patrol and security forces could be a thing too.

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