Will the new Honda CBR150R launch in India?

New CBR150r in India

New Honda CBR150R


Let’s face it, the Honda CBR150r isn’t a very popular motorcycle in India (atleast in terms of sales). While its chief competition- Yamaha R15 has managed respectable sales along the years, the CBR’s numbers have been dipping significantly. Most recently it became the least selling motorcycle in India (in the volume market), barely managing two digits. This is the same case for their quarter liter offering as well. So we can understand any reservations that Honda might have in these segments. They want strong products in their arsenal and the CBR twins just aren’t making this case.

So will Honda bring newer versions of their CBRs to India? The twin headlamp equipped CBR150r, 250R & 300R are available in global markets for almost three years now. In India, Honda was seemingly uninterested in these segments during this period but now they may have had a change of heart. The sudden rise in popularity of the segment is what is said to be the main reason.

Honda CBR150R 2017 India

Honda India’s senior VP, Mr. Yadvinder Guleria had recently confirmed that though they will not launch the CBR250RR, CBR300R & 500R, they will bring newer products to India. One among them is the recently showcased Africa Twin and other could be the CBR150R (and perhaps the 250r). Honda clearing out their existing stock is another promising sign as well.

Here’s why Honda is not bringing the above bike to India

Being rivals Honda wouldn’t want Yamaha to enjoy solo reign of the 150cc premium space. Thus we can most definitely ‘probably (still Honda!)’ say that the manufacturer will launch the new CBR150r early next year, hopefully with more competitive pricing.

Talking about the new Yamaha R15 V3, it will get more power, features and improved design. The updated CBR150r (2016 version) already has everything listed above and perhaps even more.

This picture between the existing Yamaha R15 V2 and the new Honda CBR150r should make a clear case on why the latter should be brought to India.

2017 CBR150R vs R15 V3

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