WSBK 300cc Entry level Class Under Consideration?

wsbk 300cc

The year 2014 saw the in surge of new performance motorcycle in the Sub-500cc category , especially near the 300cc class . Seeing huge potential in this segment ,World Superbike Championships is considering introducing a smaller displacement sportsbike segment in to their races.Any official announcement will only be made if there is satisfactory participation from different motorcycle manufacturers. For this purpose,A meeting of representatives of different constructors will be held soon .

The new 300cc class is mainly proposed as a low cost way to develop new talent . Further more ,the incorporation of lesser capacity motorcycles will lead to more people watching the championships.However , this class will not be a part of the WSBK’s International tour , as the cost involved will defeat the whole purpose of the category.

WSBK 300cc

Presently there are large number of domestic competitions, from various manufacturers taking place through out the world. The KTM RC cup is an example .However such competition is only open for specific bikes , usually of a single manufacturer. The introduction of the 300cc class by WSBK will allow different motorcycles (of lower capacity) from multiple manufacturers to participate.


ktm rc cup 390
WSBK 300cc – KTM RC390


cbr 300r wsbk
WSBK 300cc – Honda CBR250r


yamaha r3 wsbk
WSBK 300cc – Yamaha R25


Some of the manufacturers who have the potential to be in the new category are :

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