BSA and Yezdi coming soon

Yezdi and BSA brands coming soon!

Just weeks after reviving the much-loved ‘Jawa’ brand in India, Classic Legends Pvt ltd is already seeking new places to expand their portfolio. Brands like Yezdi and BSA, which they have rights to, are on obviously slotted in the immediate vicinity. Though they hinted at such a move, things seem to have been pushed forward after the rousing reception of the Jawas.

Each of the two new brands will cater to a different displacement category, and will help to spread out their line-up starting 2020.

Yezdi and BSA

Yezdi- King is back

When Farrokh Irani founded Ideal Jawa in Mysore in 1960, they first sold bikes under the Jawa brand name in India and by 1973, shifted to home-grown Yezdi.  If this association was not enough, Mr Boman Rustom Irani- son of Farrokh Irani is also one of the partners in Classic Legends Pvt Ltd.

The Yezdi is likely to cater to a niche segment, possibly Café Racer, so as to distinguish it from Jawa. Engine will be sourced from the latter. When asked about Yezdi, Mr Anupam Thareja, Founder – Classic Legends Pvt Ltd, said,

“Yes, coming soon.”

BSA- Rise of the Middleweight

Compared to Yezdi, BSA might take a bit more time. In their era, BSA had produced some heavyweights like the Spitfire, A65 Star Twin, Thunderbolt and Rocket Gold Star,and it would be ill-fitting for brand to be introduced with the current crop of engines. So Classic Legends will take their time to develop higher capacity motors, possibly rivaling the new Royal Enfield 650 twins (& above).

Royal Enfield new platforms

BSA is a huge name globally and wouldn’t be confined to a niche segment. Mahindra made this clear when they acquired the brand in 2016 for £3.4 million. Their motorcycles will be exported to a number of countries, including US and UK.

The brand is likely to bring modern variants of the Spitfire and Rocket, apart from Scrambler, Bobber and a Café Racer.

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